Bosco - RIP

Bosco is the son of legendary RB stock Hugo and Roz (both pictured below) which come from Chadde at Gargoyle Kennels.  Bosco weighed 75 pounds in March of 2003 and weighs close to 83 pounds in December of 2004.  He had a massive head piece, was very smart, and had the best temperment. Bosco died in July.  We will always miss him.  His sons, Boone's BlackJack and Boone's Boris will carry on his tradition of producing amazing bulldogges.

Bosco1-4-30-05.jpg (97311 bytes)    Bosco2-4-30-05.jpg (54274 bytes)

Bosco is 24 to 31 months old below


And below are Bosco's Sire and Dam.  Gargoyle's Legendary Hugo is on the left and Roz is on the right.